The commitment to internationalization is one of Iscte's development vectors, with the Institution permanently involved in initiatives that accompany the growing globalization of teaching, research and innovation activities, through the definition of a policy of strong and lasting alliances, capable of promoting a global competitiveness profile. For this purpose, Iscte maintains around 450 general and specific protocols active with Higher Education Institutions around the world, in particular with the member countries of the European Union, Australia, China, India, USA and with all Portuguese Speaking countries.


In the BRU-Iscte Pilot Demonstration, the Big Data & Business Analytics Lab will be created by bringing together experts and researchers from different research areas (management, strategy, marketing, data science and technology) working within distinct institutions in the Lisbon Region. The Lab aims to provide a range of strategic and business consulting services to help companies to find the most effective solution for their environment using data analysis, statistical models and other quantitative methods. Focus is set on an iterative, methodical exploration of the companies’ data, with an emphasis on statistical analysis, to support decision-making. The new Lab will represent an upgrade from the existing Data Analytics Group with the intention of merging the Big Data knowledge and business with focus on green transition. The development of new Lab will be continuously supported by the INITIATE approach assuring connection with relevant stakeholders and excellence in science and R&I.